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The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery


The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery is a year-round, free, public art exhibition, featuring 103 recreations of art masterpieces, by Canada's renowned Group of Seven artists and Tom Thomson. The Main Gallery is in downtown Huntsville and features 38 murals on the exterior walls of businesses and stores. There are also satellite galleries in Huntsville, Dwight, Dorset, Baysville, Oxtongue Lake, and Algonquin Provincial Park. 


Come join our special celebration of Art, Culture and Heritage . . . in your own backyard.

Founders Comments


The Group of Sevens’ artwork was inspired by their friend Tom Thomson; and Tom Thomson was inspired by the beauty he saw in Algonquin Provincial Park. These artists created a Canadian Art Movement that lies at the heart of our Canadian culture and heritage. Come discover the beauty of their works and discover Huntsville and Lake of Bays at the same time. Our region was painted extensively by The Group of Seven, as they sought out to discover a new method of painting. In so doing, they revealed the wild and rugged nature of what Canada really is, and through their art, were able to translate that feeling to the public. Their story, is a story of struggle and acceptance, of never giving up on the ideals of a Canadian art; and bringing forth this concept as a gift to the Canadian people.


The works in our collection are an homage to these painters, and the goals they achieved. The murals are presented to the public and are free for open viewing all year round. They have been painted by some of Canadas’ top mural artists, whose mandate was to recreate the masterpieces, as close as possible to the originals, with little or no artistic license. The artist must try to match the original prints, colour for colour and brush stroke for brush stroke.


These murals represent our natural landscape, and so fittingly help us tell a story about ourselves. The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson were masters of composition, using colour, line work, light and design elements to strengthen their artistic statement. Please enjoy these murals as presented to you, for each one is a statement unto itself, and holds many secrets of what makes a masterpiece work of art.

It is our pleasure to present this collection to you.


Gerry Lantaigne

Founder & Artistic Director - The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery

Gerry Tom.jpg

Photo Credit: Limelight Muskoka

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