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dwight satellite gallery

The town of Dwight is a resort destination in North Muskoka and is considered a hub to Lake of Bays and the Algonquin Park area destinations. Dwight is the second last town, heading east to Algonquin Park and is located just before the junction of Hwy#60 and Hwy #35.

OXTONGUE LAKE satellite gallery

This historic community was traditionally known as the last town before and the gateway to Algonquin Park. There are many significant locations to visit in this town besides the murals themselves. This area was a favorite visiting spot for A.J. Casson whom painted countless pictures of this area, on his yearly vacations. Also near by are sites painted by Thomson like High Falls and Northern River.


Established in 1890, Port Cunnington Lodge is located on 22 scenic acres in a sheltered bay across from historic Bigwin Island on Lake of Bays.


The Town of Dorset on Lake of Bays lays claim to the fact that original Group of Seven member Frank Johnston's family made this town their home after Mr. Johnston passed away. His son was an art teacher and prominent member of the community. Due to this fact the Dorset Heritage Museum has chosen to concentrate on the works of Frank (Franz) Johnston.


The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery is pleased to have the Town Of Baysville in our collection of Mural towns. When visiting the collection, tour the streets and shops of this elegant historic town. Baysville completes the circuit around Huntsville and the Lake of Bays. Baysville is located at the southern end of The Lake of Bays, where the Muskoka River winds its way through town. Enjoy a walk through town. You can start any where you like.

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